Do You Need an Adoption Lawyer in Tempe?

If you are planning to adopt a child, this is an extremely exciting stage in your life. It is a pleasure and privilege that we are able to assist people that are prepared to support and welcome a child into their homes. However, it is most important that that you hire a lawyer that understands the adoption laws fully and will make sure that your paperwork is smoothly completed in full and with accuracy.

Robert A. Dodell Attorney at Law is a lawyer you can trust in helping you through the lengthy processes of an adoption. Robert is able to assist you in navigating through these processes with efficiency and effectiveness. He also will assist in addressing each legal matter in the process of bringing a child home and joining with your family as well as assisting you in understanding ways in which the adoption will be financed. This will include state subsidies, employer benefits and tax credits.


Types of Adoption Cases I Typically Handle

Robert A. Dodell is experienced in dealing with numerous adoption types that include:


Stepparent Adoptions

This adoption is quite common. This is a situation where a stepparent decides to legally adopt his or her stepchild. If the other biological parent is still alive, this parent’s rights will need to first be terminated in order for the stepparent adoption to occur. Often, the other parent will agree to give up on their parental rights. Once this other parent is severed and the adoption takes place, this other parent will no longer held responsible for the paying of child support. If the other parent will not agree to a stepparent adoption, a trial will be necessary to sever their parental rights.


Independent Adoptions

After the biological parental rights have been legally terminated, the child is able to be adopted by a person that is either a guardian, family friend, foster parent or relation. In many of these cases, the situation will involve dependency matter and severance hearing before the child is free to be adopted.


Grandparent Or Relative Adoptions

When the parents of a child have passed away, or if the parental rights are terminated, a relative may wish to adopt the child. These relations very often are the grandparents, adult siblings, and aunts and uncles.


The Process Of Adoption

The adoption process can only proceed once the parental rights associated with biological parent or parents have been terminated.

To begin with, the parents who wish to adopt will have to complete the adoption pre-placement “home study” with an adoption agency that is licensed. This study is used to decide if adoption will be in the best interests of a minor child. This pre-certification process will include FBI background checks, fingerprints and DCS (Arizona Department of Child Safety) clearance checks. After confirmation that the adoptive parent or parents are fit to adopt, the adoption can process. When the prospective adoptive parents happens to be a stepparent to the child, an adult sibling, uncle, aunt, grandparent or great-grandparent to the child, these home studies are, in many cases, waived by a court upon the filing of a proper motion.

As soon as the correct paperwork has been filed with a court, the adoption hearing will be set. These hearings are an occasion whereby the whole family can be invited. Once the adoption is completed, this child will be issued with a “new” birth certificate and the parents who have adopted the child will be listed as biological parents. At this hearing, the child’s first and last name can be legally changed.

Uniting children with loving families is an extremely joyous occasion. If you have decided to add a child or chidlren to your existing family through adoption, you need to immediately make contact with the right attorney for the job. Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, is that attorney. Robert can be contacted on 480-860-4321 or by email, to book your initial free consultation.