Looking for a Drug Crimes Defense Attorney in Tempe? – Robert Dodell

The broad category of drug offenses actually encompasses a wide array of conduct, including felonies as well as misdemeanors. Everything from possession to trafficking falls under this umbrella, as do substances ranging from marijuana to cocaine. Arizona witnesses more than 30,000 separate drug offense arrests annually and each case is zealously investigated, pursued and prosecuted by state or federal authorities across the state. Because sentences for such crimes can be extremely onerous, attorney Robert Dodell is committed to obtaining the best results in matters involving:

  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Simple drug possession
  • Prescription abuse and illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Manufacturing of drugs
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Distribution of illegal drugs
  • Trafficking in drugs


The laws in Arizona are quite vast in terms of drug offenses, and the prospective penalties faced by accused individuals depend largely on the substance at issue, the quantity involved, the suspected intent behind the defendant’s activities and the defendant’s criminal history. Distribution, cultivation, production and related crimes are considered to be the most serious offenses and therefore carry the most dire sentencing possibilities.

My experience defending against allegations of drug-related crimes enables me to offer the strongest possible advocacy on your behalf. I pledge to explore every angle of your case to identify and exploit all weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments. Working diligently from the start, I will do everything possible to secure the most favorable outcome attainable under your specific set of circumstances.

Everyone facing drug charges in Arizona is entitled to a vigorous legal defense, and Robert A. Dodell stands ready to provide precisely that. For unrivaled client service and a commitment to safeguarding your rights at what is certainly a most trying time, contact attorney Robert Dodell by calling 480-860-4321 or via email message. Call now and receive a free initial consultation.