As you seek the very best available legal representation for your DUI or criminal defense matter, it makes sense to take a closer look at the three decades of experience attorney Robert A. Dodell has as an experienced Tempe lawyer. I believe that my prior background as a prosecuting attorney makes me uniquely qualified to understand and anticipate prosecution strategies in a wide range of scenarios. As such, I am ready and willing to offer prospective clients a no-cost, comprehensive consultation and case evaluation.

Criminal Case Defense

Those facing criminal charges may not realize that there is an important window of time in which it is possible to effectively fight back against damaging allegations before a matter formally reaches the courts. Having a legal advocate at the ready during the preliminary investigative stage may sometimes prevent charges and/or arrests altogether. Learn more here

Defense for DUI Charges

Because of the potentially devastating consequences of such conduct, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is something that Arizona takes very seriously. The penalties that follow conviction are onerous and include incarceration, license loss, fines and more. Again, there is no substitute for a strong legal defense as a means to mitigate the harm to an accused party's future prospects.Learn more here

Domestic Violence Legal Defense

There are numerous types of conduct which may ultimately fall under the rubric of domestic violence. Trespass, stalking, assault and battery, harassment, sex crimes and kidnapping are just a few such offenses. Again, the negative ramifications of conviction on any one of these charges can last a lifetime, and that is why there is no time to waste in securing a zealous legal advocate.Learn more here

Juvenile Offense Defense

When youngsters under the age of 18 are suspected of committing a crime, their case will be handled by the Arizona juvenile justice system. Such matters require a specific legal knowledge base in order to be defended successfully, and those facing allegations in this realm are well-advised to seek an attorney possessing precisely that.Learn more here

Adoption Attorney

Few decisions in life are more momentous and potentially life-changing for families than that to adopt one or more children. However, it is critical that all formal procedures and paperwork are processed with accuracy and legal legitimacy, and an experienced attorney can help ensure such an outcome.Learn more here

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