Robert A. Dodell – Defending Against Probation Violations in Tempe

Courts are typically given the discretion to include a term of probation as part of their criminal sentencing process. Probationary periods can vary substantially and are determined in large part by the type of crime committed. Supervised probation generally comes with very specific requirements, rules and regulations related to the use of drugs and alcohol, the type of personal associations that are permissible and restrictions on the freedom to travel. Mandatory substance abuse testing, participation in counseling, community service, regular reporting and the payment of fines and restitution are common conditions for probation. Those who do not meet these stipulations run the risk of losing their probation privileges.

Once a petition to revoke a grant of probation is filed, it is quite possible that an arrest will follow. Suspected probation violators can be held until the matter is resolved by the court. A convicted offender found to have violated probation terms may receive more stringent conditions for continuing supervised probation or may even be sent to jail or prison. Because the stakes are very high in such situations, the help of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer is truly invaluable.

Another way in which a legal practitioner who is well-versed in probation matters can help is working to modify one or more existing terms of supervised probation. If a probationer wishes to shorten their term or perhaps alter one of the strict conditions of probation, an attorney can make a formal request of the court and present the reasons why it should be granted.

Should you find yourself facing accusations of probation violations or you simply wish to explore probation modification options, attorney Robert A. Dodell can help. Do not leave your personal liberty, essential rights or ability to move forward in life to chance. By consulting with a knowledgeable, zealous probation violation and modification lawyer, you stand the best chance of getting the outcome you seek. Contact attorney Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, via email or call 480-860-4321 for a no-cost evaluation of your case.