Have You Been Charged With a Weapons Charge in Tempe and Need an Experienced Lawyer?

For the most part, Arizona is considered to have some of the most liberal gun laws in the US. The State of Arizona, however, still takes exception when guns are used to commit a crime. As such, the use of a firearm with regards to a committing crime bears severe consequences. And when someone is injured during that crime, the legal consequences substantially increase.


The scope of what is considered as a weapons offense in Arizona is wide and varied. It includes:

#1. Possessing an illegal weapon,

#2. Possessing a stolen weapon,

#3. Possessing a firearm after being convicted of a felony or a domestic violence offense,

#4. Possessing a firearm during parole and or probation,

#5. Committing assault with a deadly weapon,

#6. Committing a drive-by shooting,

#7. Discharging a firearm illegally, and

#8. Misconduct with a weapon


A weapon offense conviction could result in an extensive period of incarceration, fines, probation or other penalties. If the individual possessed a firearm contrary to their probation or parole terms, penalties insure significantly.

When convicted of a felony, the individual will lose their civil rights.  Included in that lose is the right to bear arms.  The right to bear arms can be restored by a court by a Motion to Restore Civil Rights.  This can be filed after completion of the probation or prison term.  If the conviction was from a “serious” felony, the right to bear arms can only be restored 10 years after the probation or prison term was completed.  A “serious” offense is defined by the Arizona Revised Statute 13-706.  If the conviction was for either a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense, the individual will not get their gun rights restored, as there is a lifetime ban imposed by the law..

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